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Why choose ScrumDo for your work management

Never get stuck

Enjoy ScrumDo's flexibility of boards with multiple rows and lanes

Keep Basecamp

Keep your Team in Basecamp and import your existing projects from Basecamp into a robust project management planning platform where you can see the big picture of how your teams are performing and help you identify and address concerns right away.


Reliable Scrum and Kanban metrics

Import whole Basecamp projects into ScrumDo

Import whole Basecamp projects into Scrumdo, where you would have the flexibility of boards with multiple rows and lanes.

Scrum and Kanban at the same time

Get complete workflow sync between your ScrumDo and Basecamp account. Benefit from ScrumDo's support of Lean and Agile frameworks and use Scrum and Kanban at the same time. You can switch back and forth anytime between ScrumDo and Basecamp to keep your work, iterations, and teams in sync at all times with ScrumDo’s bi-directional syncing capability, simplifying your work.

Slack Integration

Stay connected to your team and work without leaving the comfort of the Slack interface.

ScrumDo is SAFe ready

Have you implemented SAFe? Are you frustrated to manage work, process, execution and people across various tiers in Jira? ScrumDo is a complete Agile solution for organizations who are scaling Agile.

Big picture

ScrumDo allows for a Flow map view of the big picture.

View dependencies

Visualize and manage dependencies of work across teams and iterations.

Downstream planning

ScrumDo includes a PI Planning tool featuring full Program Increment Planning functionality.

Risk view

Get track of your biggest risks with a detailed Risks view.