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  • Billable field to tracking time.
  • Plan your day to help you manage your own work and time, log time and synchronize to your calendar.
  • Improved Webhooks.
  • Improved Mobile App to be more responsive and optimized for faster comment and search access. Version 1.05 with Comment functionality.
  • Urgent and Blocked special tags to work in tasks.
  • Home interface with widgets.
    • List of watched cards under the Priority widget.
    • Calendar that allows the user to plan the work for the day/week.
    • List cards/tasks assigned to the logged in user.


  • Start time for a card.
  • Due Time for a card or task.
  • Create/design workspaces using Pre designed Templates with the Board Wizard.
  • Add task button enabled in all task columns.
  • Urgent and Blocked special tags to work in tasks.
  • Move tasks between cards.


  • We created Dark mode, a sleek, darker interface that reduces eye strain in low light conditions.
  • Contextual right click menu for tasks in addition to the Contextual right click menu for cards (Tasks are part of a card).
  • Workspace sharing with team members, customers made easy via the right pull out drawer.
  • Kiosk Mode enabled for PI planning, Big Picture, Board and Story Map.
  • Native Time Tracking Improvements.
  • Labels and Due date for tasks.


  • Click outside to close card edit popup


  • Table View, Gantt View, Calendar View, Points View UX improvements


  • PI planning and Sprint Planning view improvements


  • Customizable Dashboard


  • Market Place Invoicing with time tracking


  • Ability to view number of points achieved in custom time intervals


  • Market Place Invoicing with time tracking


  • Market Place Invoicing with time tracking


  • Slack Integation Improvements


  • Inbox Custom Notifications and Chat channels for improved collaboration in context


  • Rules Engine for Card Automations


  • Agile Coach-Advisor Packages


  • In context coach offer with calendar integration


  • Big Picture includes Cumulative Flow Diagrams and Lead Time Histograms for comparisons


  • Github Authentication deprecation Update


  • Export Feature Improvements to include more data for Internal Company Dashboards


  • Real Time Support Widget


  • Real Time Tracking


  • Real Time Tracking


  • Jira Multi Level Portfolio Integration


  • Miscelaneous UX improvements to Dashboard


  • Gitlab integration


  • Team Wiki


  • Sort Backlog by point value


  • Big Picture to organize priorities across different teams


  • [FIXED] – JIRA Import Bi-directional sync
  • [FIXED] – Firefox browser issues
  • [FIXED] – Board Editor UI issues
  • [FIXED] – Images issue with Convert to a card
  • [FIXED] – Account deletion issue
  • [FIXED] –  Card templates to save tasks
  • [FIXED] – Issues with moving cards between workspaces
  • [FEATURE] – ScrumDo Advisors
  • [FEATURE] – Ability to update project-slug
  • [FEATURE] – Integration with GitLab against a self-managed instance
  • [FEATURE] – Ability to book a coaching session with ScrumDo experts


  • [BUG] – Error moving a card to another workspace
  • BitBucket Integration


  • Ability to sort backlog by point value in descending order
  • Fixed shared URL issues
  • Fixed the issues related to Card minimize and Save card buttons
  • Text formatting issue on the card is fixed


  • Enable due dates for Sub tasks from workpsace settings
  • Card LIst filter issues fixed
  • Subscription issues fixed. Prorate charges for monthly to annual subscription upgrades.
  • Covert to collection from workspace summary issues fixed.
  • Fixed issue with burndown Chart not being updated when workspace settings are changed to not include tasks time estimates – remaining hours exceeds total hours
  • Issue with chat notifications is fixed
  • Story map displays the status of the card as well.
  • Ability to view the total number of points achieved in a custom time interval – Reports
  • Workspaces and Portfolios are alphabetically sorted in the Workspaces dropdown.
  • Filter by card/keyword on Time Tracking
  • Card history time/date stamps include exact dates rather than relative time.
  • Real-time updates within card conversations
  • Fixed filter issues on Local planning
  • Ability to sort the cards in the order of priority on Story Map
  • Duplicate card along with Task Attachments and comments based on User input
  • Ability to jump to the next/previous card in the backlog card list using keyboard shortcut and button in the card UI
  • Ability to sort by point value in the backlog
  • Add policy in card settings to include the information “i” next to card field in the card.
  • Display summary of committed of time on the Sprint board view.
  • Unblock a card from right-click options.
  • Filter cards that do not contain a specific tag


  • [FIXED] Permission error while updating a task using My cards list from the dashboard.
  • [FIXED] Comments and Email notifications enabled for attachments
  • [FIXED] Staff user can now update the Account owner info from Organization Settings
  • [FIXED] Burn down point issues resolved
  • [FIXED] Relationship tab improved to provide a better visual cue for the state of work of all sibling/chiild cards
  • [FIXED] User can choose to duplicate comments and attachments when a card is duplicated
  • [FIXED] Customer tab redirecting to card details is resolved
  • [FIXED] Multiple Subscription and billing issues resolved
  • [FIXED] Local Planning assignee drop-down list scroll issues resolved
  • [FIXED] Account deletion issue resolved
  • [FIXED] History tab to track the modification/deletion of attachments
  • [FIXED] Time tracking to allow Manager access the entries of the team
  • [FIXED] Renaming Report profiles
  • [FIXED] Issues with moving multiple cards to another iteration/workspace with Multi-select in the Summary tab
  • [FIXED] Styling and layout issues of drop down list to create a card for narrow cells.
  • [FIXED] Comments and comment count enabled for tasks
  • [FIXED] Assignees of a card can see the time entries of others assigned to the same card – worklog tab


  • [FIXED] When both date range custom fields have “show for new card’ selected then  cards can not be created in the worksapce
  • [FIXED] Planning Poker Issue
  • [FIXED] Tag filtering issue when using special characters


  • [FIXED] Workspace Summary Tab data is incorrect
  • Multi card edit
  • [FIXED] Cannot prioritize cards in Backlog – drag and drop cards is not working in backlog of iterations


  • Created ability to enter any number for point ranking of a card


  • Update Custom Fields to include Required Fields
  • [FIXED] Points Burndown Chart from reporting was not showing results
  • [UI Improvement] When adding a tag, simply clicking or hitting the enter key will assign a tag instead of having to click the ‘+’ key after clicking on the tag from the drop down
  • Updated Sign Up Process to no longer require a phone number
  • [FIXED] When clicking the view archived cards button in a workspace some users received an error
  • [FIXED] Big Picture: “Filter By Epic” was not showing any of the Portfolio Epics
  • [FIXED] – Filtering capabilities for custom field date data types was insufficient. Users could only filter for values that equal a date certain vs. falling within a certain range.  We added range type of filtering
  • [FIXED] – Some users had issues when attempting to use Planning Poker
  • [FIXED] When using Insert/Edit code sample to insert the code sample where the cursor is located. The sample used to be added to the top of the story.
  • [FIXED] Estimates were displaying on board with Story Point is Infinite however not displaying in case of Finite points
  • [FIXED] Go To Story link brings users to backlog instead of the story
  • Sort backlog by A-Z (aphabetical order)
  • Refresh used to be required to display Saved queries in Save Queries section of Filter.
  • [FIXED] Date settings in Org Settings were not updating in the rest of the app
  • [FIXED] Checkbox custom field selection issue – when clicking on the first box – all boxes below got selected too
  • [FIXED] Filter by assignee wasn’t working in local planning
  • [FIXED] Custom Fields created in one workspace did not follow with a card if moved to another workspace.
  • [FIXED] Unable to delete groups consistently
  • [FIXED] – Filtering still wasn’t working properly


  • GitLab issue fix: Closed issues are now not getting imported to ScrumDo.
  • Fix – Time Tracking error which was preventing record to delete from Work Log tab.
  • Fix – Deletion of Saved Queries from Filter
  • Downstream Planning Fix: Epics are now displaying upon adding through the Iteration/Time Series board Columns
  • Fix – Image uploader name displays in the Attachment area if the cards are created by another user.
  • Update in the error text, displayed in case of low internet connectivity


  • GitLab Integration Improvement
  • FIXED JIRA issues
  • FIXED Basecamp issues
  • FIXED Unable to move cards in workspace


  • BUG FIXED Delayed response when saving a comment in customer conversation tab
  • ADDED Default fields for new workspaces
  • Custom Field improvements
  • ADDED Allow files to be attached directly to a task
  • FIXED Workspace Settings
  • Disable Email Notifications of Badge Achievements
  • BUG FIXED Policy text icon invisible, and no text displays when user moves mouse over icons that are visible.
  • FIXED Gitlab issues
  • BUG FIXED Burndown/BurnUp lines are not visible in Favourite report Widget.
  • FIXED Dashboard issues
  • BUG FIXED GitLab not authenticating for prospect


  • BUG FIXED User Profile – Time Zone Setting For User
  • BUG FIXED Shared Board is broken
  • BUG FIXED Scroll bar error – Board Editor / Cell Editing
  • BUG FIXED Not able to delete Workspace from Organization
  • BUG FIXED  Team member info isn’t refreshing on adding new members (nor is application providing any kind of message to indicate success or failure).
  • BUG FIXED Cannot turn Portfolio top level workspace to continuous work flow even after changing increment to have no end date and deleting other increments
  • BUG FIXED Can’t re-order tasks in task board of card. Also, Slack notifications sent on modification despite fact tasks don’t re-order.
  • BUG FIXED Inviting new members to workspace is not working
  • BUG FIXED Reports: Reported time-> Date field selector not displaying properly.


  • BUG FIXED Burn Down Charts Are Not Displaying Points / Data – Except Ideal Burn Down
  • Line Inconsistent: Board header options disappears sometime. Please see the video for reference.
  • ENABLED Card List: Selection boxes are not appearing to select few records from the List
  • ENABLED Total hours in backlog with ability to filter by collection
  • Move ScrumDo from CircleCI 1.0 to 2.0
  • BUG FIXED Basecamp / ScrumDo are not synching


  • FIXED layout of Print Feature
  • ENABLED Comments while Exporting card
  • BUG FIXED Deleting project w/ basecamp addon and bad credentials fail
  • ENABLED Jira integration to include task updates/transfers
  • ENABLED Show Creation Date of Card in the Card
  • BUG FIXED JIRA sync: Card movement is not reflecting in Scrumdo when action is performed from JIRA
  • Card list widget ( Ability to select workspaces, usernames, tags, labels; Sort by Current iteration, And sort orders available in sorting functionality over Backlog)
  • BUG FIXED – Menu is hidden when rick clicking on a card – attached image
  • ENABLED “comment on file uploads”
  • PubNub lib Upgrade


  • FIXED When clicking on a workspace from My Dashboard in My Cards widget user is brought to an archived iteration rather than current iteration
  • FIXED Basecamp Integration Error: User is not able to authenticate “Unexpected error”
  • Added Capacity Allocation By Iteration User Alerts
  • Added an option to hit alt-enter when typing a comment, which then allows the opportunity to post another comment.
  • Added dependencies as a decorator on board
  • Added Users being able to click Blockers list to see the Card’s details
  • FIXED Trash bin not being available from where deleted cards can be recovered or viewed
  • Added Wip limit options of cells, headers to include limiting by tasks of a story ( in addition to number of cards and points of stories)
  • FIXED Users Server error while attempting to export TimeSheet data of whole last year (01-01-17) until today


  • Card Import UI and bug fixes
  • Tasks Do Not Move Until Screen Is Refreshed bug fixed
  • Made “showcard” command visible to team
  • Made setup guide available in the settings menu – accessible to any user at any time
  • SpellCheck turned on
  • Added conversion of independent/non-portfolio workspaces into personal workspace
  • Slack update: Card moved from one workspace to another
  • Add files directly to your cards in ScrumDo from Google Drive. ScrumDo automatically updates to the latest version of the file for assignees and followers to review.
  • Recurring cards generating in Archived Iteration
  • BUG FIXED – The use of double quotations in a card summary/title makes the card unsearchable
  • Added Collections option to card templates
  • Story map Filter – Bugs fixes and Enhancements
  • BUG FIXED – Dragging Epic (having compatibility/feature /team child cards) from backlog to Downstream Planning screen is not accompained with child cards.
  • Enabled More Than 2 cards in a relationship to be opened
  • Display Points Total of Iteration in Summary view
  • Added checkboxes to workspace access options
  • BUG FIXED – Burn Down chart (Story points) not getting updated


  • Added  filters to User Story Map – workspace, label, tag, assignee
  • It’s now possible to export single card/few selected cards from Cards list
  • Fixed Summary View of Iterations Sort Order
  • Recurring Card Template Improvements
  • Fix – Newly added iteration should be displayed at the top
  • Enabled ability to create tasks when creating a card
  • Added More color options in the Board editor
  • Fix – Story map: child cards won’t show up after editing parent epic.
  • Fix – Comments from JIRA are now getting added in Scrumdo Card. Also updates performed in JIRA are reflecting in Scrumdo


  • Fixed type in “filter by keyword” box in a workspace or other search fields
  • Added different date format displays
  • Downstream Planning Updates and fixes
  • Horizontal scroller missing fixed
  • Invite mutiple member in the Group from Workspace-> Workspace Settings-> Workspace Groups
  • Basecamp fix: Cards created without a collection, and then have a basecamp collection added are not created in basecamp
  • Fixed an issue when archiving a card now or adding a new epic it’s not refreshing the screen right away
  • Minor Slack integration fixes
  • Ability to add same Dashboard Widget multiple times.
  • Dependency: Display Epic dependency in the story map
  • Basecamp integration – multiple accounts
  • Fix – Labels are not getting added in a card while import respective card from sheet.
  • Added StoryMap Filters
  • Added Organization-wide User Story Map


  • Load More: Instead of Lad More button, apply automatic load which will work just the way Organization Activity on dashboard works
  • New Feature – Organization-wide User Story Map: Ability to add unmapped epics, capability, features and user stories
  • More detailed Y-axis in reports
  • Added Abillity to create a customer channel in Slack
  • Favourite Reports feature added
  • Dashboard Improvements and UI changes for Organization menus


  • WIP limit improvements
  • Organization Setting for creation of Workspace improvements
  • Widget Improvements
  • TimeTacking Pie Chart improvements
  • Reports UX improvements
  • Dashboard Improvements and UI changes for Organization menu


  • Subscription Plan Changes – see for details
  • Drag and Drop improvements
  • Tags and Labels are now searchable
  • User Profile contains Stats and some reports
  • Overview Dashboard (Homepage)


  • New Card can be placed in desired position (top, bottom, middle)
  • Create recurring cards and adjust setting in Card Settings.
  • Reduction in API call time.
  • Inbox alert – over WIP limit
  • GitHub branch improvement


  • Bug Fixes
  • Inbox improvements
  • NEW – Staff users can now edit a team member’s time log
  • NEW – Badge gamification. Stay tuned for more information.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Inbox improvements
  • Can search / filter cards for “Unassigned”
  • Archive is available on “right click” menu
  • Slack notification improvement: A Slack notification will be generated when a customer does any action to a card


  • Save Button drop down option to save and continue editing
  • Due Date is now searchable
  • Improvements to Pricing page
  • Inbox UX/UI improvements
  • Inbox is now available on Mobile!!
  • ***Inbox now available for Standard plan teams***
  • User Profile bug fixes


  • NEW: Inbox Feature!!! Beta version is being tested now. Let us know if you’d like to try it out.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Improvements to Slack Marketplace
  • Slack Improvements
  • User Profile Add-on
  • Activity Feed improvements
  • Import has improved CSV and EXCEL formatting options
  • ***Users can now change their username in Profile settings***
  • ***User Summary Report – Receive a customizable report on individual team members***
  • Private boards are now visually distinguishable


  • Slack integration improvement: notification for due date
  • Slack integration improvement: notification for notes
  • Slack integration improvement: the following can now be CREATED in Slack: New iteration, task creation or update, block/unblock, new comments on a card.
  • Slack integration improvement: cards listed as attachment
  • Slack integration improvement: any card movement now receives notification
  • Slack integration improvement: notification when task is moved
  • Slack integration improvement: notification when cards are reorganized in backlog
  • Improvements to the X and Y details and labels in reports


  • Added legal Info to website
  • New and Improved Beta version Jira integration (contact us for more information)
  • Ability for multiple tags


  • Fixes to Auto Slack Messages
  • Bug Fixes


  • Fixes to Slack Integration
  • Bug Fixes
  • ToolTip improvements
  • Improvements to the “Sign-Up” process


  • You can now change your Active Sprint on the board
  • Bug Fixes


  • Fixes to Slack Integration
  • Bug Fixes
  • Cyrillic Language fixes


  • Bug Fixes
  • Clicking on sprint in top navigation bar will open the sprint side-bar if it’s closed.
  • Slack “Extras” link repaired


  • Fixes to Slack Integration Bot
  • Design Changes to the Board – you can now access multiple sprints on your Board. (See the “Sprints” selector on the right of the Board)
  • Now you can create Special Workspace boards across multiple iterations.
  • Edits to the UX in a task.


  • Fix of GitHub/GitLab importing Project issue from Organization level


  • Introduced ‘Move To Top’ option for the card
  • Timestamp update
  • Slack Notification concerning Task update
  • Updated Downstream Planning: Slack Integration Version 2.0: Create/modify card, view card assigned to user, move card
  • Archived cards can be searched by Current/Previous iteration
  • Time Stamp for any user action is now more user-friendly
  • * 2 views of Iteration and Time Series
  • * Workspace centric displaying parent-child relationship of whole portfolio
  • * Vertical Slice view to display Epic and corresponding card(s)
  • View Dependencies in downstream planning screen
  • While assigning a card, user’s own name will display at the top
  • Set the numbering scheme when auto-creating child iterations
  • Display of Iteration time span into navigation bar


  • Slack Integration Version 2.0: Create/modify card, view card assigned to user, move card
  • Archived cards can be searched by Current/Previous iteration
  • Time Stamp for any user action is now more user-friendly


  • Fix respective to Personal Workspace access if archived
  • Design enhancements in Slack integration
  • Fixed problems with the calculations of Average and Median in the Lead Time Histogram


  • Slack Integration Version 2.0: Create/modify card, view card assigned to user, move card
  • Archived cards can be searched by Current/Previous iteration
  • Time Stamp for any user action is now more user-friendly


  • Other users can be invited to a Personal Workspace
  • Personal Workspace can be converted to Regular Workspace (1-way conversion)


  • GitLab integration features:
  • Tag cards with a commit
  • Sync GitLab issues
  • Able to create pull request
  • Import of GitLab Organizations as workspace


    • Customer role changes to allow editing of non customer created cards
    • Card conversations with attachments are now permitted
    • Cards can be assigned to Customers
    • Fix so WSJF sorting works for all users including Customers
    • Layout issues with Internet Explorer fixes


  • Card Templates
  • Self Selection to workspaces


    • Account Owner details
  • Member Management Interface Improvement
  • Filter issue bug resolved
  • Custom Roles
  • Able to drag to mini board
  • Performance improvements for workspaces that have thousands of cards
  • Accepts longer username
  • ConWIP limits bug resolved


  • Customer Role feature
  • Time Reports
  • Export functionality improvements
  • Workspace progress view
  • Card Progress view
  • Allow period in usernames
  • Ability to rename backlogs
  • Ability to use emojis in text fields


  • Feature – Time Tracking improvements with Burn Down
  • Personal WIP added
  • UX improvements
  • Performance improvements


  • Fix – Users are now able to move cards from no collection to a created collection.
  • Fix – New users, the link in the blue box with an envelope for “Inviting Other People” has been fixed.
  • Fix – GitHub integration will now stay intact when a user manually removes Github hooks.
  • Fix – When you create a New Iteration the start day is now the day after the last day of the last iteration.
  • GitHub commits are now ordered by most recent date.
  • The CFD Report has been updated so that just for last two months are on the X-Axis.
  • Backlog curve now loads more quickly on the Workspace dashboard.
  • Downstream Planning: There is now a helpful message when there is nothing to pull into downstream planning.
  • When user creates a new card, the new card type name will appear in the top left hand corner.
  • Details on the card: When sharing updates in email or slack updates etc with a card that has extra long detail in the card, a snippet of the details will be shared and include the permalink to the story.
  • Introducing the Nickelled Guides: we have step by step guides for Portfolio set up, Workspaces overview, and Downstream Planning. Just click on the book with a question mark in those areas. There are more guides to come, watch for those releases.


• Team centric workspaces

• Multi workspace navigation

• Cross team reporting

• Local collections Grouping

• Dependencies within a workspace

• Dependencies across teams

• Multi dimensional risks management

• Risk visualization

• Enterprise Services Planning Alerts

• Tracking Team Emotions

• Tracking Team emotion

• Big picture

• Portfolio work breakdown (Epic, Capabilities, Features, Enablers Stories, Tasks)

• Personal Dashboard

• Time reports

• Dedicated Customer Success Manager

• Live coaching

• Portfolio-wide User Story Mapping

• Release planning

• Value Stream planning

• Program planning

• Drag and Drop assignment to team

• Peer to Peer Planning

• Sprint planning

• Risk visualization

• Data Driven Planning

• Constraints based Planning


• The classic project list is added back to the list of workspaces at the bottom, so now you can upgrade to the current version.

• Board of customer is now accessible.

• Aging reports are now working.

• When there’re no teams in Workspace teams, you’re able to create one from workspace settings.

• Broken stack charts are fixed.

• Lead Time Histogram on Dashboard loads faster.

• You are able to drag to sibling workspace or parent common backlog from local planning

• You are able to move a single card or a group of cards (from downstream planning or board) back into back log.

• You’re able to view Dashboard Reports in Full Screen mode.

• Default Team filter is now working.

• You’re able to select combinations of mutiple users, multiple tags and labels

• Portfolio Epics show workspaces that are working on that specific epic not all workspaces.

• Added filter to hide cards that have no dependecy nor have another card dependent on them.

• On ipad:

– edit card button is working

– live coaching link is working

– board sort is working


• The lead time histogram can now be filtered by date.

• The CFD can now be filtered by date.

• Cells on the Kanban board now vertically resize by default instead of getting scroll bars.

• Multiselect on the kanban board has been improved.

– Use shift or ctrl & click on cards to intiate multi select.

– Single click with no key on an unselected card to deselect all.

– Use the toolbar options to apply actions to groups of cards.

– You can now drag groups of cards around the board.

• Drag & Drop on the Kanban board has been improved.

– You can now drag cards to any spot within a cell to drop them in that cell.

– It is now easier to drag cards to the backlog.

– Dragging now works on iOS devices.

• Standard markdown image tags now work within the detail of a card. Example:

– ![Mascot](

– Note: If you use these image tags, we will no longer auto-link URL’s in the fields where they exist. You can still use markdown links.

• Several performance improvements related to live updates of your board.


• A new consolidated view/edit dialog has replaced the old edit and quickview options. You’ll now only see one of those options depending on your project access level.

• Clicking an image thumbnail for an attachment will now preview it in the browser.

• Now showing user avatars on stories in more places, such as the scrum board.

• Now, when clicking a permalink, you’re brought to the correct page and the story is opened for you.

• @mentions now work properly in comments.

• When creating a report profile for a scrumban project, we now show the step on the cell while editing to make it easier to tell what you are doing.

• You can now shift-click to start a multi select operation on the story list and scrumban board pages.

• You can now double click a story to open the editor.

• We’ve renamed Continuous flow projects to Scrumban projects, and time boxed projects are now called scrum projects.

• New organization level project listing.

• Scrumban headers were slightly too tall, occasionally made things look really sloppy.

• Performance improvement on Scrumban boards with many cells.

• You no longer get email notifications for comments you post

• You can now see your username on the name page.

• Fixed two bugs with scrumban lead time chart when viewed in the “powers of two” mode.

• Fixed a few bugs where read-only users saw options they shouldn’t have. (Those options were not functional and would result in access-denied messages.)

• When playing planning poker, the “Stories with X size” list is now in reverse chronological order so it’s easier to see recent stories.


• Added iteration column to the organization level export.

• New “Syncronize Now” option for extras.

• Fixed bug: sometimes Github issues were not being properly created.


• All users are now redirected to secure HTTPS pages all the time.

• Continuous flow projects now have access to the iteration planner.

• Bug fix: Epics page would occasionally freeze when showing/hiding archived epics.

• Bug fix: Editing an epic would sometimes cause the child epics to temporarily dissapear from the screen.


• New Task Board view for Scrum Boards

• Optimized story rendering on scrum boards, should lead to much faster drag & drop responsiveness.

• Additional help messages & tips for new users to the Scrum Board

• Pressing escape on the story edit window no longer closes it causing your input to be lost.

• Bug Fix: Child epics dissapear if you edit their parent.


• It is now easier to drag a story to an empty iteration in the iteration planner.

• There is now a slight hover effect on the iteration planner to see what story your mouse is over.

• Fixed a bug in burndown chart when the iteration start date was moved.

• Fixed bug in signup form if user didn’t enter a password.

• Removed some links for people without admin access that resulted in a access-denied message.


• No longer showing old projects that you do not watch on your dashboard.

• Bug Fix: You can now upload files with non-latin characters in the filenames.

• Bug Fix: You can now search for stories with non-latin characters.

• Bug Fix: Points boxes on story list page for continuous flow projects are now correct.


• You can now create iterations in continuous flow projects

• The CFD can now be plotted for points or cards.

• The ATDD plugin no longer requires admin privileges to export.

• Added a “Track Time” button to the task edit window.

• Added “Save & Add Another” to new task window.

• Added keyboard shortcuts for quickly adding tasks.

• Project export now contains creation and modified dates.

• Added “USD” to invoices

• Bug fix: Fixed JS error when plotting some burndown charts

• Bug Fix: Fixed bug in project file list if files had non-ascii characters in them.

• Bug Fix: Fixed bug in project time entry where the wrong iteration was selected if you unselected your iteration to report time against the project.

• Bug Fix: Fixed bug in dashboard project selection

• Bug Fix: Fixed alignment problem on scrumboard custom config window

• Bug Fix: Fixed annoying bug when adding categories on the story form and the list-box not resetting


• Fixed an import bug introduced in the previous release.

• A 20 minute timeout for real-time updates has been lengthened.

• Moving a story from doing->done on the scrum board split columns will correctly update in real time now.


• The iteration tab on the project exports now contains the full task details.

• The time estimate for stories is now exported/imported from/to iterations

• Fixed bug: Unassigning people from tasks wasn’t working correctly.

• Fixed bug: You can now reorder stories in the epics view again.


• Updated Epics interface

• Updated Iteration Planning interface


• Updated org dashboards to better support users who have no assigned stories, and don’t watch any projects.


• Kanban projects have been renamed to Continuous Flow projects. Scrum projects are Time Boxed.

• Continuous Flow projects are now in public beta for everyone.

• Brand new organization dashboard. Read More

• New email templates for notifications

• New dedicated organization newsfeed page.

• New vertical headers on kanban boards.

• Several underlying architectual changes to continuous flow projects to make them easier to work with.

• New stats on the continuous flow project summary page.

• There is no longer a default report profile for continuous flow projects, it was rarely helpful and always confusing.

• Several performance improvements throughout the site.

• We now limit organization-level searches to 100 results for performance reasons. Searching within a project has not been changed.

• Hosting Upgrades – Over the past 2 weeks we have updated the hardware of our DB server cluster and our application servers. We have also started using nginx/uwsgi to further speed things up.

• Bug fix: Some bugs having to do with WIP calculations and kanbanizing projects.

• Bug Fix: duplicating a story puts it in the right kanban board cell now.

• Bug fix: Rarely, API calls would fail unexpectedly due to a race condition.

• Bug fix: Compatibility view icon on IE11 was showing up erroneously


• Adding a Blocked or Urgent tag to a story/card will highlight it red or yellow.

• You can now add attachments from the story edit window.

• You can now add attachments and make comments from the quick view of a story

• Bug fix: Some tasks were not correctly showing up

• Kanban project improvements:

– Bug fix: Archive all button works again

– Bug fix: Some CFD data consistency bugs were fixed

– Bug fix: Deleting a story from the backlog actually makes it go away again

– New move-to-project icon on most cards.

– The kanban board is now the default view of these projects


• Upgraded our main DB cluster for a faster and more reliable ScrumDo

• Ability to create Personal Projects

• Create time estimates on stories or tasks.

• More helpful email templates

• You can now track releases by # of stories/cards or by time

• Small price increase and modification to the # of users on some of our plans

• Attempting to accept an invite you already accepted no longer results in an error

• Empty daily digests are no longer sent

• Users who are not on a plan that supports email notifications will no longer recieve daily digests

• Kanban project improvements:

– Updated 3rd party extras

– Reports are now rebuilt when the board is modified

– Workflows have been renamed “Report Profiles” to ease some confusion

– Ability to add a description of a policy to cells.

– Multi select and bulk operations of cards

– Several reporting bug fixes

– Clicking the project name on the board now brings up a picker of your other projects

– Several bug fixes

– You can now resize the backlog/archive on the board


• Commits once again show up on several story display types.

• Added new slider to selecting initial story creation

• New search widget

• Improved story sizing on Scrum Board

• Added more information to newsfeeds about the detail field changing on a story

• Improved the quick-view of stories

• Thumbnails of attachments not correctly retain their aspect ratio.

• Several kanban-project related improvements


• Added “archive all” button to Kanban cells

• Several massive performance improvements to the stories API (will be noticed throughout the site)

• Fixed some bugs with a loading message that would never go away.

• Added better logging, so we can fix any issues more easily.

• Added 3 Kanban templates

• Improved new user experience and a new tour


• Live updates on Scrum Board (Off by default, turn on via your project admin page)

• Chat / Planning Poker should work through more restrictive firewalls now.

• New Kanban based projects in beta, Sign Up to gain access.

• Flatter style on story points display.

• Email confirmation and invitation messages are now sent in HTML to make clicking on links easier.

11/19/2013 Bug Fixes

• The iteration list scrolls properly when clicking on a story permalink. (Also, the story highlights now)

• Stories on the dashboard now behave properly.

11/3/2013 Bug Fixes

• Fixed bug: If you have over 100 github repos, they will all show up now.

10/27/2013 Bug Fixes

• Fixed bug: GitHub labels were not correctly syncing with ScrumDo tags.

• Fixed bug: Duplicated stories were not syncing to GitHub.

• Fixed bug: Only GitHub repos that you have admin access to will now show up in the list to connect to.

10/23/2013 Bug Fixes

• Fixed bug: In IE8, the new story dialog wasn’t working on the epics page.

• Fixed bug: Linking directly to some epics was displaying a blank page.

10/20/2013 Minor changes

• Improved our print-css sheet so you can print your story list easier.

• Adjusted the size of inputs on the story edit window.

• On the project export iteration tabs, stories are correctly in rank order now

• Fixed bug causing a blank screen with “OK” being displayed. (Still looking for other causes, let us know if you see this)

• Fixed bug in @mention processing

• Fixed the create and delete iteration entries in the news feed.

10/10/2013 Bug Fix

• Fixed bug: You can now edit stories from the organization-wide search results again.

10/9/2013 Bug Fixes

• Fixed bug: Long iteration names were not visible in the iteration picker.

• Fixed bug: Hidden iterations were incorrectly showing up in the iteration picker.

• Fixed bug: When removing a story from an epic, the label showing the epic wasn’t cleared.

10/7/2013 Bug Fixes

• Fixed bug: When adding a story, the link to edit the story was not working correctly.

• Fixed bug: When drilling into the epics view, not all child epics were shown.

• Fixed bug: Sometimes, editing an epic was failing to save the new data.

10/5/2013 Large Release

• Nearly every page has had some comsmetic improvements.

• You can now select from multiple sizes of stories on the iteration story list to see more or less at once.

• You can now select multiple stories at once on the iteration story list page and manipulate them.

• Ability to move stories between projects within an organization from the iteration story list page.

• Removed the hover on usernames to see detail, replaced with a click, significantly improved page rendering time.

• Clicking an Epic abbreviation in a story now shows the full epic summary as well as parent epics.

• Ability to convert a story into an epic via the edit-story window.

• Singificantly prettier and more complete invoices

• Users will no longer receive email alerts for actions that they themselves take.

• If you mention a person with an @username note in a story or comment, that person will receive an email.

• You can now sort releases via drag & drop.

• Releases past their end date are archived in a “past releases” list.

• Basecamp users can now enable/disable status updates to/from todo lists

• Basecamp users now have a link directly to their Basecamp project

• When exporting a project or iteration, you no longer leave the page.

• Fixed bug when sorting stories on the epics page.

• Fixed bug when sorting stories on the iteration planning page.

• You are now allowed to use a dash in your username.

• Many IE8 specific bugs have been fixed.

• You can now leave a comment in the edit-story window describing the change you made.

• The scrum master can now filter the list story during planning poker

• When playing planning poker, you can now view the history of votes in that session by scrolling up.

• The default chart type is now stacked.

• When selecting a chart type, your preference is now saved.

• For new projects, the default tasks statuses are now todo, doing, done.

• When printing out epics, the stories are no longer out of order.

• You can now see the epic name on the project export.

• On the scrum board, you can now download and upload attachments.

• The story edit window now sizes (both bigger and smaller) depending on your window size.

• Task updates are now correctly in the news feed.

• The quicklinks are now available on the scrum board screen.

• Quicklinks have been redesigned to be more user friendly and not cover up on-screen elements.

• There is now feature-parity on story listings from the iteration page and scrum board.

• Several updates to the developer API to be more complete. –


• Users can now have full, personalized names instead of cryptic usernames. (Set this up via your account settings)

• You can now search for epics from the project level search.

• Exporting an iteration will now show the epics a story belongs to.

• When writing a new story, you can now specify an iteration for it to go to.

• You can now change the iteration in the edit-story window.

• The rank of a story in the story list now determines the order of the scrum board.

• You can now see more stats about time-spent in the releases

• Github users can now use the syntax sd-### in their commit messages.

• There is a new “print” button on the epics page to get a simple formatted html page suitable for printing

• You can how hide an iteration so it won’t show up in several places in the UI.

• The time sheet export has been expanded to include more fields.

• The RSS feeds are far more useful now

• Added a new ATDD extra

• Many bug fixes


• You can now add attachments from the scrum board

• You can now reorder tasks.

• You can now tag tasks. (More functionality related to this coming soon!)

• The extra’s story queue has been improved

• New developer API (

• When duplicating a story, you can now choose to duplicate with attachments

• When duplicating a story from the epics page, you are no longer redirected to the story list.

• Epics now export in the project level export

• Administrators can now delete other user’s files

• Fixed some IE8 specfic UI bugs

• Importing stories that have tags with spaces will no longer break

• Several minor ui improvements

• Faster page rendering, especially during peak times.

• Fixed bug: you can now download files with very long filenames

• Fixed bug: You can now see long news feed entries

• Behind the scenes, we’ve made some major infrastructure improvements that should let us deliver more functionality on a faster website


• New release planning tool! (See Releases under your organization menu.)

• Made several improvements to speed up story editing, especially on larger projects.

• New pricing


• New changelog (this page!) so you can see what has changed

• New iteration charts: Burn Down and Stacked

• New time tracking feature

• Significantly improved iteration planning page

• New extra to connect to Basecamp (the new/next version)

• Added ability to export tasks in the project and iteration excel exports

• Improved the filtering options on the iteration story list

• Added loading animation on comment posting

• Added some feedback when creating a story so you know that it’s processing

• Changed delete user message dialog box.

• You can now log in with your email address or your username

• User sessions are now memcached, shaving milliseconds off every request.

• Search now includes comments

• New “All Members” view for organization admins to see everyone across all your teams

• You can now remove old team invites

• Clicking an epic number, or a link from an email now isolates the epic on the page. There is a new “edit” pencil icon to edit the epic.

• Fixed bug: Fixed some GitHub syncronization issues

• Fixed bug: iteration stats are visible by everyone with read+ access, not just admins.

• Fixed bug: the help/support window will no longer appear offscreen

• Fixed bug: if you expanded the tasks section of stories on the scrum board, the bottom of the column would overrun the page footer

• Fixed bug: When deleting an iteration, you will no longer lose associated scrum logs.

• Fixed bug: Not everyone shows up on the points breakdown by people on the iteration dashboard.

• Fixed Bug: Unable to add a comment to a story on the Iteration Planning screen.


• Added custom statuses

• Added ability to add multiple assignees to a story

• Added a FlowDock extra

• Added filter to organization export.

• Added project groups to organization export page

• Sped up creating adding new stories.

• Improved story filter

• Fixed bug causing staff groups not to appear as admin groups in some places.

• Fixed bug: points weren’t showing their labels.

• Fixed bug: story counts on project dashboard were off in some circumstances

• Fixed bug: the project admin page didn’t work for free accounts.

• Fixed bug: spelling mistake on invtation emails

• Fixed bug: the avatar page didn’t have the scrumdo page template

• Fixed visual bug on the list of my current stories.