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ScrumDo Pro helps professionals build and grow their own business

Whether you’re focused on building a multi-million dollar consulting organization or just interested in earning a few extra bucks from a coaching side gig, a ScrumDo Pro subscription plan is the perfect way to accelerate your plans.

Your Qualifications

Can anyone be a ScrumDo Pro?

ScrumDo Pro subscriptions are reserved for individuals and organizations with qualified coaching / consulting backgrounds, typically individuals with at least 3-5 years of experience in lean-agile frameworks and methods, leadership coaching or similar business consulting backgrounds.

Key Benefits

What’s in it for you?

The unique features and capabilities exposed to only ScrumDo Pro subscribers enable you to:

  • Leverage our integrated proposal engine to:
    • Quickly generate and send web-based engagement proposals to your prospects.
    • Reduce proposal turn around time by 80% or more with built-in electronic delivery and execution.
    • Eliminate trust based objections through ScrumDo’s escrow and dispute resolution service
  • Enhance your unique value proposition by integrating demo accounts that:
    • Concretely reflect the kind of insights and perspectives that resonate with your prospect’s biggest pain points.
    • Demonstrate how ScrumDo’s built-in Active Sensemaking technologies can help your prospects solvetheir stickiest situations
  • Earn lifetime commissions on organizational accounts sold through their referrals.
  • Generate additional revenue through the sale of platform related templates and / or contextually driven micro-engagements with your own customers or those your service as an assigned ScrumDo Advisor.

Unique Capabilities

Unlock Exclusive Capabilities for You and Your Customers

ScrumDo is on a journey to provide our end users with unparalleled opportunities to leverage affordable, just-in-time professional expertise in the context of their immediate challenges.  ScrumDo Pro subscribers are essential partners in this journey.  Your special subscription level enables you to:

  • Create and extend trial subscriptions for prospects and customers.
  • Serve as the designated ScrumDo Pro Advisor for ScrumDo customer accounts where you have the option to:
    • Expose your personally created and branded support materials within their account space.
    • Promote contextually relevant micro-engagements to users in those spaces.
  • Access our proprietary rules engine which allows you to create customized intelligent agents that operate within the context of ScrumDo accounts.  These agents monitor workspaces and generate custom actions you determine based upon conditions you define.
  • Create a library of goods and services that you can share with affiliated client accounts or sell in the ScrumDo Marketplace:
    • platform templates (portfolio structure, visual boards, work cards, and more)
    • Customized wiki content
    • professional services (remote scrum master, program increment planning, and more)
    • education / training

Premium Support

Enhanced Support

ScrumDo Pro subscribers receive our enhanced support offering, ScrumDo Care premium, as part of their subscription.  This means:

  • Onboarding support including:
    • Creating your organization’s home page for the ScrumDo Marketplace
    • Adding affiliated coaches to rotation for ScrumDo Advisor assignments
    • How to make your products and services available in the ScrumDo Marketplace
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Guaranteed resolution times by level of severity

Costs & Obligations

Subscription cost

ScrumDo Pro subscriptions are billed in annual installments, with our inaugural fee set at $150.  The only additional fees and costs would flow from marketplace transactions related to goods and services you sell:

  • 15% of goods and services sold through the platform.
  • If you elect to use our escrow & payment processing services, we charge 5% of the total transaction amount to defray costs.

Your obligations

While we encourage Pro subscribers to take full advantage of the broad scope of opportunities exposed through the platform, our only requirements is that you create and publish at least 1 consulting or educational package in the Marketplace.  Optional activities include:

  • Serving as the designated ScrumDo Pro Advisor for new ScrumDo customer accounts.  As a disgnated ScrumDo Pro Advisor to a customer account you agree to:
    • Offer one (1) free initial consultation to assess a customer’s current situation and offer suggested paths to helping them address their current challenges.
    • Optionally add your custom content to their account space (i.e. – Wiki documentation or various templates you have created.
    • Respond to incoming requests for paid micro-engagements within a timely manner (which we consider to be within 1 business day).
  • Reselling ScrumDo subscriptions to your prospects and clients

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