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  • Inspect and Adapt with Scrum

    Scrum fosters an iterative environment where:
    • A Product Owner orders the work for a complex problem into a Product Backlog.
    • The Scrum Team turns a selection of the work into an Increment of value during a Sprint.
    • The Scrum Team and its stakeholders inspect the results and adjust for the next Sprint.
    • The Scrum Master provide servant leadership and facilitation

  • Visualize, Manage the Work, Gain Agreement and Encourage Acts of Leadership with Kanban
    • Visualize
    • Limit Work in Progress
    • Manage Flow
    • Make Policies Explicit
    • Establish Feedback loops
    • Improve Collaboratively, Evolve experimentally.

  • Scale Agile across domains and departments with SAFe, LESs
    • Take an economic view
    • Apply systems thinking
    • Assume variability; preserve options
    • Build incrementally with fast, integrated learning cycles
    • Base milestones on objective evaluation of working systems
    • Visualize and limit WIP, reduce batch sizes, and manage queue lengths
    • Apply cadence, synchronize with cross-domain planning
    • Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers
    • Decentralize decision-making
    • Organize around value
    Credit: Scaled Agile Framework.

See the Unseen

Perch yourself above a factory floor, and you can watch raw materials become finished products before your very eyes. You can't really do this with "invisible" work like marketing or software development. Or can you? ScrumDo's visual management boards yank the cloak of invisibility off of such work. And because we rely heavily on visual cues and patterns to make sense of things, you won't find a more powerful ally in guiding you on ways to work better.

Planning Unleashed

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to planning, with input and effort coming from a variety of people and locations. Most management tools expect you to follow a particular framework, or require you to do things a certain way to leverage their capabilities. ScrumDo exposes a variety of different interfaces to support your planning processes, from simple drag and drop "iteration planning" to more comprehensive "customer journey mapping." And for multi-layered planning environments, ScrumDo makes it simple to synchronize input and efforts from any source -- from top-down to bottom-up.

Measure with Purpose

Measuring the right things in the right places at the right times is what allows you to shape better business outcomes. By supporting customized reporting profiles at each workspace level, ScrumDo allow you to generate both organization-wide and team-specific metrics relevant to understanding what's really going on across all levels of your workflow.

Tame Risk & Uncertainty

ScrumDo gives users a lot of options when it comes to better understanding and managing risks that can interfere with our planned delivery of work. In addition to our built-in workflow monitoring and signalling systems, each workspace has the option of defining custom risk monitoring measures and letting ScrumDo help them get a leg up on risk in their contexts.

See the Big Picture

Built with scale in mind, ScrumDo delivers a continuous, real-time, "big picture" of the state of work and workflow in your organization:

Total Work in Progress
Dependency Relationships
Sources of Flow
Risk-based Alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

What management methods and frameworks can be managed with ScrumDo?

ScrumDo is capable of supporting any management process, from traditional project management methodologies to modern lean-agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and others.

That said, our support for defined process methods (traditional approaches) is not as robust, as we’re primarily focused on helping teams and organizations transition from these approaches to those emphasizing more empirical frameworks.

How well does ScrumDo support SAFe?

In a word: superbly. ScrumDo’s portfolio capabilities inherently mirror the structure recommended under SAFe, and our set-up wizards can even do a lot of the initial heavy lifting for you. Schedule a consultation with one of our professional advisors to learn more about how ScrumDo can be customized to match your current and future practices.

What is Scrumban?

Scrumban is a management framework driven equally by both lean and agile principles.  It frequently emerges when teams employ Scrum as their chosen way of working and use the Kanban Method as a lens through which to view, understand and continuously improve how they work.
Scrumban’s inherent flexibility and emphasis on evolutionary improvement makes it an ideal framework for most contexts.

What other popular tools integrate with ScrumDo?

ScrumDo maintains a limited number of built-in integrations with other tools and platforms commonly used in the software development space.  Users can develop their own custom integrations using our API.

If you’re a developer, you can find our API and related documentation here:

How reliable and secure is ScrumDo?

We strive for 100% availability and 100% security. While neither is ever possible, we take all reasonable efforts to achieve this goal.

I have other questions about ScrumDo. Where can I find more answers?

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for at, our Customer Success Team can be reached by clicking on the little message icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

Let ScrumDo help you [R]Evolutionize your relationship with work.


We increased software release speed from 1 release per month to 4 or 5 every two weeks. Customer satisfaction has increased and client satisfaction too.

Jose Castrillo Barquero

Project Manager at Logixsoft

At the end of our very first Sprint, one of my developers shared the following… “One of the best feelings of accomplishment in my entire 15 year career at Baptist”. ScrumDo helped make this happen!

Tony Fullen

Senior Web System Analyst at Baptist Health

As the lead on this project, I am able to communicate feature releases to end users and stakeholders while watching the progress of our dev team. We are all literally on the same page.

Josh Quinones

CTO of Mac Haik Auto Group

ScrumDo is a very user-friendly way of working with scrum. It has a powerful time tracking and management so you will be sure to finish on time!

Anders Sandvik

student at NTNU

I am using ScrumDo for 4 months. I started to use it because I was managing a web based system in a agile way without any appropriate tool support. I used to have the project activities controlled by some others softwares. None of those, all alone, could help me 100%. With ScrumDo I can switch all those softwares just for one, where I can manage all the project and have my reports exported just the way I need with the information and control I need.

Paulo Luz


I have played with Pivotal Tracker, Rally and AgileZen and so far I am loving ScrumDo. The prediction feature looks very interesting especially if you guys improve it so you can model potential outcomes when first setting up a backlog.


This is simply AWESOME! Very very thanks to all of you, one of the best free tools on the web. I'm driving three projects right now and all is perfect. Thanks again.

Diego Fernando Trujillo

Cali, Colombia, South America

We're only a small two-man team working on a start-up project in our spare time but that doesn't stop ScrumDo being a really useful tool to us.

Andrew Smith


I manage 10 or so projects at a time. Scrumdo is attractive because of it's integration with Harvest, Basecamp, and GitHub. Each of those tools are good at what they do but they don't support a planning process.


Scrum is a great idea, it was about time for it to get a great tool with great support, ScrumDo is that tool.


ScrumDo is as agile and as user-friendly as Scrum!


I've been using ScrumDo for months now and it organized my activities in a great way. Before this, my activities had no priorities, but now everything is just sorted and I know what should I do each week and when I'll be free for next activity. Now I'm able to respond to "When can I have this done?"

With ScrumDo my students have produced, tracked and completed more user stories in a couple of weeks than they did in the entire last semester. Many of them have said they finally understand how all the different pieces of SCRUM (story points, velocities, user stories, etc…) fit together after visually seeing it with the ScrumDo tools. The amazing tools from ScrumDo has helped make my students better Agile developers than they would have been without it.

Jacob Poulette

Instructor of Computer Graphics & Programming

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